segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2012

Finance Spreadsheet

OK, here is, finally, a copy of my finance spreadsheet. I revised my original sheet, made some improvements, added sample data, and started a help file.

Since the original spreadsheet is in Portuguese, so is this initial release. But I promise I'll upload an English one ASAP.

As well as the spreadsheet itself, there is also a helo file (very raw, still), as a ZIP file.

You can find both files here:

If you want stay up to date as I release any changes, stay tuned to the link above. Or send me an e-mail (michael.fimdeabril AT and I'll kindly add your address to a SPAM-less list.

Warning: the spreadsheet uses Pivot Tables and other fancy things. I strongly recommend that you read Excel's help file and familiarize yourself with them.

The spreadsheet was made in Excel 2007 but it should work OK with Excel 2003. I'll try later on.

Share and enjoy.

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